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Hi! Sophia and Marianne here, we are a mother daughter duo linked together by many things in life, but in this story, it is our love for jewelry. We are an Italian-based business that adores all things jewelry, and we are delighted to share our love for timeless adornments with you. As permanent jewelers, we have invested a lot of time and dedication in the selection of our pieces and we are proud to provide you with a beautiful collection of 14k solid yellow and white gold chains. We understand that jewelry is more than just an aesthetic expression; it's an extension of your personality and a reflection of your inner radiance. We take immense joy in being part of your journey, whether it's commemorating a special occasion or simply treating yourself to a well-deserved indulgence. We believe that every piece of jewelry should carry a unique meaning, encapsulating the moments that make life extraordinary.  

Join us on this enchanting voyage, where jewelry becomes a bridge between the past, present, and future. We invite you to explore our collection, immerse yourself in the experience, and discover the everlasting beauty of permanent jewelry.

The Socially Gold Girls

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